Rise of the Ergonomic
Spring-Loaded Platform

These spring-loaded, Poly-Trux 28P-16 laundry trucks ease the workload in laundry sling system operations.

39 Series nesting truck
39 Series nesting truck

Spring loaded carts from MOD promote ergonomic positioning of linens, laundry, textiles and other goods for easy, safe access to materials. Virtually any type of MOD cart, container, basket or hamper may be offered with a spring loaded platform.

This 39 Series nesting utility truck shown with a spring loaded platform is the multi-purpose workhorse at laundries, health clubs, aquatics facilities and everywhere durability, versatility and ergonomic considerations are required.

19FWI extended laundry cart
19FWI extended laundry cart

This 19FWI flatwork ironing cart is a staple in laundries where worker safety, ergonomics and productivity are paramount. Choose from 44-inch, 50-inch and the extra long 56-inch long extended size, which easily holds a 15-bushel load. The spring loaded platform automatically rises as sheets, towels and other flatwork are removed and pressed to reduce bending and reaching into the utility truck. Durable HAR Vyntex vinyl and four-inch, industrial-strength casters as standard.

This rugged MOD 25P-30 laundry cart features a spring loaded platform within a smooth, rotationally molded plastic truck.

This Poly-Trux® 28P-16 laundry feeder truck comes spring-loaded as standard to help ease feeding linens into flatwork ironers, folders and other finishing equipment. It spans nearly six feet but its slim profile fits into either a single lane or multiple lanes.

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See ergonomic spring loaded platform in action.
Model Outside L x W
19 FWI-1 44 x 23 23 10 bushels
19 FWI-2 50 x 23 23 11 bushels
19 FWI-3 56 x 23 23 15 bushels

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